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Customer's Reviews of Model VCT2010
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 Name : Stephen
   5/5/2012 3:43:28 PM
   Review : I bought one of these amps from a local sound shop recently. I had never heard of the maker until that day. I was in the market for a 12" enclosure that would fit the small & tight space behind the passenger seat in my midsized, regular cab pickup. I found one at the local shop, and then I had to get the amp to push the sub once I mounted it in the enclosure. Being I was on a tight budget for supplies and in need of "few" watts, 400 peak, the shop employees suggested this amp. The price and wattage were right, so I purchased it. When it came time to install the amp, I found the only place suitable to place it, was under the seats. When removing the drivers seat, I found that the seats were connected and the whole bench would have to be removed. After removing the seats, I rethought the location and installed the amp under the passenger side seat. After installation, and testing the new speaker & amp, I realized that as far as sound in my truck, this was a wise buy. I reinstalled the bench seat & sub and have had zero problems with the sub or the Lanzar Vector 2010. All in all this was a good buy that fit all of my needs for my midsized pickup. I am happy with this purchase.