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Customer's Reviews of Model VIBE241
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 Name : Mark
   10/7/2012 2:14:35 PM
   Review : Thanks LANZAR! This Amplifier increased the power of my system and gave my subwoofers new life. WOW, I thought the subs hit hard before, but this is just insane. This isn't a "Fair score" review for the Lanzar Vibe241 Amplifier due to my purchase of a used product with no awareness of its history or possible damage. The Amplifier ramdomly switches between Middle/ and Low setting (when set on Low)due to vibration on a sensitive switch. I am now on the "MORE Power" trip. I'm upgrading to new Lanzar subs, Lanzar Amp, and Lanzar 3 way crossover. I plan to use my Vibe241 Amplifier to run my midrange subwoofers. My Mid-Life Crisis resolution when a new car is outside today's economically challenged budget.