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News :   •  New For 2012: Lanzar Launches Mariner & Motorcycle Speakers, Amplifiers Relax in luxurious, full-range sound with Lanzars line of Mariner speakers and amplifiers, designed from the ground up to weather the elements commonly experienced by marine vehicles. The big, accurate sound Lanzar has delivered for the road is now available for the sea! Welcome in the new year with Lanzars new Mariner and motorcycle speakers. Our marine speakers are water and weatherproof, with resin-treatment surrounds to keep the elements out. Theyre available in sizes from 5.25" to 7.7". Plus, theyre available in two colors, silver and white, to complement or accent the decor of your marine vehicle. Likewise, our Mariner amplifiers are equipped with the same features youve come to love from Lanzars car amps: a built-in electronic crossover network, remote level subwoofer control, soft turn on/off, low and high apss filter controls, bridgeability, bass boost. Plus, to weather the elements, its constructed from stainless waterproof hardware.

Get some bump on your bars with Lanzars motorcycle / ATV audio kits -- up to 1400 watts! Lanzars OPTI kits include speakers, amplifiers, wiring, and all the hardware you need to mount and secure the equipment to your vehicle. All the equipment is decked out with a gorgeous chrome finish that fits any bike or ATV style.